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Entrepreneurial actions and social responsibility work together in unison. The model of “sustainable development” has shaped Hubert Burda Media:

For us, this is the kind of development that meets the needs of today’s generation, without compromising the opportunities of future generations. Burda Druck uses all the modern technologies that combine economic growth with the preservation of an intact environment.

Guidelines Hubert Burda Media

Environmental Statement

Hubert Burda Media voluntarily takes part in the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) together with the publishers in Munich and the publishers and the printers in Offenburg. As part of this participation we publish an environmental statement every three years and an updated abstract yearly. Herewith, we would like to inform all interested parties about our economic activity, the associated environmentally relevant issues and our measures for the efficient and sustainable protection of the environment.

  Reduced Environmental Statement 2019 Location Offenburg
  Reduced Environmental Statement 2019 Location Nuremberg
  Reduced Environmental Statement 2018 Location Offenburg
  Consolidated Environmental Statement 2018 Location Nuremberg
  Consolidated Environmental Statement 2017 Location Offenburg
  Reduced Environmental Statement 2017 Location Nuremberg


Chain of Custody

These certificates inform the customer that the raw materials used originated from sustainably farmed woods. The certification systems that are currently relevant in the printing industry are the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes).

All Burda Druck’s gravure printers at locations in Offenburg, Vieux-Thann and Nürnberg have both the certificates and can confirm the use of certified raw materials to certified customers, or they can mark printing products on certified paper with an appropriate logo themselves.

Certificate FSC

Certificate PEFC


BVDM Climate Initiative

Through participation at the BVDM’s climate initiative we can use the CO2 calculator which was developed by the German Printing and Media Industries Federation and is recognised by industry professionals. With this calculator we can compile a record of CO2 emissions for your order. This record is based on the emissions and the amount of paper used at a specific location. The paper used is the biggest factor on the record. For this reason the record should always relate to a specific order.

With this application you can, through the acquisition of CO2 certificates, continue to place CO2 neutral print orders. The costs for an exemption are calculated from the quantity of CO2 emissions and the current market value of CO2 certificates.

Climate Initiative Certificate by the BVDM

Position Paper: Print Products and Ecology

Apart from price, quality and availability, the environmental quality of the raw materials is important for the acceptance of the print products. Starting with the extraction of the raw materials in the woods we strive for the transparency of all processes in the paper supply chain. All parties involved in the product chain have compiled the most important aspects in the brochure “Print Products and Ecology”, which forms basis for procurement and information policy.

Position Paper

Great Bear Rainforest (British Columbia, Canada)

After confrontations and negotiations between various interest groups that lasted years, in March 2009 an agreement for the protection and the use of a globally significant temporary rainforest at the Canadian pacific coast was reached. Involved were the provincial government of British Columbia, international environmental associations, First Nations, forestry companies and coastal communities. As customers of paper manufacturers that purchase pulp in British Columbia, environmental officers and paper buyers from large German newspaper publishing companies and representatives of the paper industry have involved themselves directly in this stakeholder process.

A documentary that Greenpeace supported, published the milestones in the resolution to an intense conflict that lasted almost 15 years. The documentary shows that the path from conflict to consensus is possible. It also serves as an example for other people in the world who struggle to preserve woods that deserve protection.

Great Bear Rainforest


Our plants Burda Druck Offenburg, Burda Druck Nuremberg and Burda France meet the EU Ecolabel requirements for printed products. After the qualification of paper and finishing, the label can be requested for additional products.

Climate Alliance Offenburg

In 2010 the city of Offenburg has started a climate initiative. Offenburg is attempting to develop a climate protection concept, which aims to reduce the CO2 emissions in the city. As an important employer and consumer of energy Burda Druck has already put measures in place to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and participates in the initiative.

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